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San Quintin to Catavina, Baja California


180px-Boojum treeThe trip continues into a landscape that is forever changing. This road to Catavina is far less busy and less populated, apart from one small town with a yellow cafe with a hand painted Starbucks logo to let you know that you can buy this good old brand in Rosarito, a dead horse, fields of garlic and of course the endless litter along the highway, this road was mostly surrounded by desert. For those not familiar with deserts the assumption is that is all looks the same, just vast sand dunes or sand with the occasional cactus. The desert is so diverse. We have been driving through desert now for over 1,000 miles through Utah, Arizona and now Baja California but the colour and texture of the sands, the density and variation of the flora keeps changing.The drive today was magnificent in places where the most unusual looking cacti revealed themselves. These are the Dr Seuss looking Boojum Trees and grow up to about 20 meters in tall thin trunks covered in thousands of short spines and flower just at the top in what looks like ‘Side Show Bob’s’ hair (of The Simpsons fame). They cover the landscape along with many other shapes and sizes of cacti.The campsite we found was cheap and cheerful at $6 a night which is a far cry from the $25-30 a night rates on offer in the mostly full hookup RV parks. Having an older trailer in the US made us standout a little but the nice thing about Mexico is that it fits right in and we are finding the more daring Americans riding these highways unaccompanied like real grown-us (not in a Caravan) also have older trailers.

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