Mexico Travel

Here’s some information that I have picked up along the way that I hope you will find useful when you travel around Mexico.

Essential Travel Books

Great Sites

Rolling Homes – A site created by the couple who produce the Travelers Guide to Camping book. An absolute essential if you are travelling around Mexico camping in any kind of setup. If there is one book you pack it has to be this one.

The Peoples Guide to Mexico – A beautifully written guide book unlike any other travel guide I have ever read, gives you more of an idea of what traveling in Mexico is about through lots of stories. This is their web site that has all sorts of useful information about living or traveling in Mexico.

On the Road in Mexico – Another site that is great for checking on the latest updates on campgrounds. Mexican campgrounds open and close continually so it’s good to check ahead.

Larpmans Guide to Mexico – A site that has some really useful information on air and bus travel. There are so many bus compaines that it is a little confusing on how you get around.

Interesting Blogs

Mexico Trucker – Written by a US Trucker Living in Mexico debunking some of the myths surrounding Mexico and it’s people.

The Mex Files – News and information on Mexico.

No Border Wall – Yes all about the ridiculous plans to build a wall between Mexico and the US.

Free Translation – Spanish English translator – Just in case you need it


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