Camping Hints for WIFI Pirates

camper600OK I’ve got 10 minutes to blog. Why 10 minutes? Because that’s all the time I can get on this dodgy internet connection in the trailer. One minute it is up and the next it is down, so I have to choose my moment carefully when the little the green bars indicating connectivity flash at me and then conduct a stealth-like internet mission.

It’s interesting to feel your priorities shift when you are camping for an extended period. For the first couple of weeks I was totally focused on how nice the camping spot was and not the facilities. I can cope very well with pit toilets and no showers thank-you very much, WIFI was not even on the horizon. I was happy with primitive camping, none of that full-hookup malarkey for me. Give me the mountain or lake view, a south west facing aspect and privacy and I was as happy as Larry.Alas, 3 months on the road and priorities have changed.

I have finally succumbed to the lure of the power and water hook-ups, in fact this week we have gone as far as using the full-hookups – power, water and poo. Showers are at absolute must and above all there’s the WIFI. Sod the view – how is the bloody WIFI connection. Somehow having internet in the trailer makes us feel instantly at home as we can go out each day and get the views but when we get home we love a little bit of WIFI. So for you pirate travelers out there here is my essential travel accessory that increases the WIFI range. We use Netgear Rangemax which is a cheap little device that you plug into your laptop and it goes finding all the WIFI links around or will just boost the link at your campsite. In fact you can go back to primitive camping and be a smelly WIFI pirate.

In Mexico you can get internet. There are internet cafes in most towns, hotels and most campsites in fact I have found more consistent internet availability than in the US.

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