Purring Ravens

Ravens have exerted a powerful hold over the psyche for centuries with people either in awe of them or fearful of them. They have been revered as dieties known as the Creative Trickster God in Native American Cultures and are today an icon for the Goths. They can live for about 70 years and are known for their intelligence and a character that can remind us a little of ourselves. They are suspicious, shy, nervous but also fearless, cheeky, incredibly playful and devoted partners.

They slide down snowy hills on their backs – just for the hell of it. They happily tease wolves yanking their tails whilst they feeding raptors. They make so many different noises like gurgling, purring, barking, squawking and talking – check out this video of Terry in England.

If like me you find yourself very curious about these birds, check out this enlightening book Mind of the Raven by Bernt Heinrich and you will never look at a raven in the same way. Next time listen for the purring, really.

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