Animal Antics – Tiger Piglets

There are many challenges with fostering piglets when you are a Bengal tigress. The first major one is getting those tiger skin coats on each morning. Coats were not required as the tigress Say Mai, at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Chonburi, Thailand was herself suckled by a pig until she was 4 months old. This zoo is known for strange pairings and have a sow sucking tiger cubs. Check out this Fortean Times Cryptozoology video .

Tiger piglet

There was a story going round that the Tigress was depressed after loosing her own cubs but this is all nonsense, the pairing were made to entertain the zoo’s visitors. The same with the sow and the tiger cubs. Zoo’s have never been a favorite place of mine.


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2 responses to “Animal Antics – Tiger Piglets

  1. uggggggggggggg flying piggys wit yigers so cute

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