“Ode to a Blackberry” by Butterflug

my working life before a blackberry
meant for me no emailing on a saturday
no tempting peaks on weekday mornings
before my cuppa and jam on toast
no quick replies across the ocean
there was a strict division between work and me

and then the blackberry arrived

it caught my attention in a playful way
intrigued by all the cute games i could play
but mostly it was tucked in my drawer
as using it was a bit of a chore
but then I started to take it to meetings
having sly looks when I wasn’t speaking

then the quick check on the bus going home
to catch the late emails from the boss on the roam
then the boredom of the airport hours
found me feeling rather empowered
sending orders to tom, dick and harry
starting to love this little blackberry

but then the trouble started

it whispered to me on saturday morning
it called to me on sunday night
it screamed at me on monday morning
becoming the priority in my life
he said you don’t talk at breakfast no more
but i tell you about emails i implore

i started to despise it
but it was too late
i became one of those people
who’s emotional state
could quickly be ruined
by an email debate

but i am lying

the trouble was never the blackberry
which was obvious to see
by everyone around me
but never by me
the blackberry just took me over the edge
and enabled my obsessive work ethic to get
so out of control that i saw it myself

you need to break clean
from the sausage machine
where the board of trustees
like moving small cheeses
as something to do to pass the time
in a way that means your not really living at all

now i’m living

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