The call of the open road

The time had come to give serious consideration to the voice in my head and the tugging in my heart that whispered (forcefully) – now is the time to make a change, you have your health, your enthusiasm, a willing co-vagabond and some money. These were not new feelings. Finding myself in the same job for 12 years, albeit with a fairly successful career I was left wondering…it this it? The exploring needs were partially satiated by the globe trotting nature of my job but it was never enough. Traveling on my own terms and conditions for a pathetic 4-5 weeks a year (yes I know I had it good compared to some of you out there) left me continually wanting. The pull of the job, the home, the studying, the career or the peer pressure to settle down always there as background noise. But, I got lucky! An unplanned sequence of events meant that I had the luxury of making a choice to go explore OR go for that bigger house and bigger job. So in January 2007 I made the break and got on the road in June 2007.

In June 29th 2007, we flew to Canada to prepare for the trip. The trip is to drive in a truck and trailer combo from Calgary to the US and Mexico and then north to Canada again. We will be guided by what we feel life doing or going on any particular day.

And why is breaking out of the conventional style of living so appealing? If you find yourself wanting but not convinced whether it is a good thing to do due to timing, time available, funding or any other perfectly valid reason then take a look at this slender alternative travel guide called Vagabonding by Rolf Potts.

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